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    Hey you guys, Nazar with Provident Real Estate here in a Corona, California. I’ve brought you here to the showroom of Capital Counters. I’ve used them before personally and I’m going to introduce you to the owner and have him tell you a little bit about what they offer, the services they offer here. So, come let’s go check them out.

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    Hey, Gary. How are you doing?

    Hey, Nazar. Welcome to Capital Counters and Cabinets.

    Absolutely. I can’t wait to show everybody your showroom here and kind of talk about what you guys are all about and obviously let people know, you know, who Gary is and what Capital Counters and Countertops are all about. So, tell us a little bit more about who you are and why you started the Capital Counters.

    So, Gary Davider. Just started Capital Counters about five years ago. I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years.

    20 years?

    Yes. In the natural stone industry is where I started. I saw — there is just a huge need in this area for someone who can go into the home and do a proper remodel. And it — has the business skills and trade skills to put it all together and manage their projects in a professional way. And so that’s why we started Capital Counters and Cabinets. And it’s been really exciting for us. We have got this beautiful 4000 square foot showroom here in Corona. We are able to work with a variety of customers from the, you know, middle-of-the-road kitchens to the super high-end kitchens. We are able value engineering project to meet any budget. Help clients with the design and layouts of their kitchens to maximize the use of their space. We’re able to help clients with the design. We have two full-time designers that work in our showroom. And so, our clients are able to get really good design tips from them. And we just have a massive variety of products to fit any budget and any aesthetic, beautiful look you want to get.

    Okay, all right. I know that you do just more than kitchens, right? You guys do bathrooms and kitchens and is that all you guys do?

    If it’s finish work inside the home, is what we like to do. We’re general contractors so we can do a lot more, but we know what we’re good at and we like to stick to that. We love countertops, We love cabinetry. We love flooring. We love doing showers. And that’s really our core business. We’ll do a little bit of plumbing — a little bit of electrical when it’s in conjunction with the overall project.


    But that’s where we like to stay.

    Okay, awesome. So I’d for you to be able to show us around. Tell us a little bit more about new, innovative products you might have. Maybe some really cool stones you want to show us. And then — so show us around.


    Let’s go.

    Let’s take a look.

    All right, Gary, we’re in one of your showrooms here. So tell us a little bit more about why someone that’s looking to possibly make a remodel, why should they come here instead of you going to there?

    Well, there’s the nice thing about coming to our showroom is you can go on Pinterest and get a lot of good ideas and see everything, but actually you come here and you can pick it all out. You know, we have over 300 different quartz countertops to pick from. We’ve got, so it can meet any budget too. And that’s really important. We really need to understand the scope of your project so we can point you in the right direction. So, if your budgets in one place and you’re looking at something that’s light years away from that, we can help guide you to the right place. But picking out lots of materials here is really one of the key things, and we can really put it all together from your floors to your cabinets, your countertops, your backsplash. You know, the glass doors for your showers. We have sinks here that you can pick from. We have over 120 samples of just beautiful wood porcelain looking floors. Which is very popular, very durable, you still have the beauty and look of wood, but it’s porcelain so it’s very durable. Then we have laminate which is a very affordable floor. And we put it in all the time. I love laminate floors. They’re easy to demo. They’re easy to put back down. And they’re very affordable. And then we have some that are a little more durable like the vinyl plank flooring that is — it looks like laminate but it’s fully waterproof. When you come here you get professional designer who’s going to help you put all the colors together and you can bring a layout and we can kind of help you get a budget right here. At one point we need to go to your home and measure it all off, and do take offs, and do 3D dimensional drawings so that you can see exactly what you’re getting.

    So, would that be better for — if I wanted to redo my kitchen would it be better for me to have you come out first and measure all that stuff or is it better for me to come out here or come to your show room, get an idea what I’m looking for and then you can go and measure and do all that stuff.

    We do both. I really like it if you come here first because then it’s faster for us to get a good solid quote together for you because then we know what colors you want.

    That’s awesome, Gary. You know, why don’t we go and actually show off a kitchen that you’ve recently completed and show the audience what that looks like.


    All right.

    All right, you guys. We’re now here with Kelly and she’s actually a homeowner that’s living in Eastvale for a very long time and she went through the process of redoing her kitchen with Capital Counters. And so it’s kind of figure out — get a little more information about her story and why she decided to redo her kitchen. So Kelly, tell us a little bit more about it.

    Okay. So like you said I live in Eastvale for 14 years. I had my original kitchen with those white four by four tiles and all of the construction grade cabinets that they put in when you build your house – builder-grade I guess is what it’s called. And we had this gigantic pony wall that really separated the two spaces and it cut off the kitchen really from the family room. And so it made my kitchen really cramped so I had this big beautiful home, five boys, right and no place to really work. No work space. And so I called Capital Countertops. They came out and gave me this beautiful design. It actually tripled my cabinet space and my workable work surfaces. And just — they billed me the kitchen of my dreams. I have some great features that they suggested. That I grasped onto right away. And things that I really love.

    >> What were some of those things? Like what did you guys do this time that you love now?

    >> That we love. Well, one of the favorite features is, we have a big dog and we built in a dog bowl with food and water. We kind of made a false cabinet for her. Everyone loves that because with 5 kids and a dog you can imagine tripping over the dog bowl. There’s a very good place for that.

    >> Yes.

    >> And so, we built that into the kitchen. We put soft close on all the cabinet doors so they aren’t slamming if people are getting in and out of them. We have a really fun feature with the trash can where you push it and it opens up automatically. So, when your hands are full of stuff you just kind of give it a little bump. That’s really fun. One of the things I really love, it’s kind of silly, but we have a sponge drawer that comes out and there’s a little place to put your rings. As a woman, you’re always taking off your rings as you’re doing dishes and stuff so that’s a perfect little place to keep them. We put pull outs on all the pantries. Really, it just tripled my pantry space. And I have so much more room to organize things. And when people come over in volume to a big family, we have lots of room for the food because before we were kind of backed up into a corner. And there was nowhere to go out of the kitchen because it just kind cut off. So it’s really just opened it up and made it the heart of our home. And I just enjoy cooking in it so much more now.

    >> So did they give you like advice on what countertops to put it in and, kind of, pitfalls to avoid.

    >> Absolutely. Absolutely. So, I wanted a solid surface, right, because I was tired of cleaning the grout that I’ve cleaned for 14 years. It gets really hard after a while and so I got some great granite here. We picked out a beautiful slab that I just fell in love with and sort of we designed around that. And the backsplash is marble and the [inaudible] countertop is quartz which is a really durable surface. Because you can imagine imagine I cook a lot and we use them a lot. I didn’t want something that I would have to live around. I wanted something that would work well for us.

    >> That looks awesome. Thank you so much you guys.

    >> It’s got a really fun leather touch, and I love, love, love it.

    >> How was it working with Capital Counters. Would you recommend them?

    >> Oh, no fantastic. I love their crews. They had some, the demo crew was really fun. You know, demo can be kind of loud and dusty and they really taped everything off and did their best to keep the dust down. And you know it’s hard to be without your kitchen, so they really tried to leave the sink for me as long as they could. They had everything ready to go, so when the demo was done, boy, they were ready to do the drywall repair and get the cabinets in. The whole process was a lot less painful than I thought it was going to be. I had to sacrifice not having a kitchen for a couple of weeks, but the outcome is just so worth it. And just beyond pleased with what I ended up with.

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    >> So Gary, thank you so much for giving us a tour of your place and showing us a couple of job sites you guys have done. Gary tell us how people can reach you, the address of your showroom, the hours of your showroom. Give us all the details.

    >> Perfect. Okay, so the easiest place to find us as online Capital Counters and Cabinets in Corona. But, you can come to our showroom 670 East Parkridge Avenue Suite 109 and 110 in Corona, 92879. And our phone number is 951-602-5777. And —

    >> When are you guys open?

    >> We are open from nine to six Monday through Friday. And we have those hours because we know a lot of people are working and can’t get here from that seven to four time. So nine to six Monday through Friday and ten to four on Saturdays.

    >> Awesome. Thank you so much and if you have questions you can click on the links below. Okay. Take care, you guys.




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