Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Curb Appeal and Sell Fast

    There is no doubt that it is important to quickly wow buyers when selling a home, and of course, the first chance sellers have to impress potential buyers is with their home’s curb appeal. The biggest fear most buyers have when looking to improve their home to sell quickly is spending a lot of money, which could take away from the return on their investment. What many potential sellers do not know is that there are many cheap and effective ways to make major improvements to their curb appeal.

    For example, one of the cheapest, and less known, ways to improve your curb appeal is to replace all of your exterior light bulbs with the same color (specifically the same color temperature) bulbs. This will instantly bring your home’s cohesiveness and overall attractiveness together. Another cost-effective and less known method to improve the overall look of your home’s exterior is to get brand new address numbers, this will not only make the house easier to find but also easier on the eyes. Another often overlooked and cheap method to instantly wow potential buyers is painting your front door, this can often be most effective the door is painted a color that pops, such as red or a contrasting color to the color of your house.

    Then there are the practically free things you can do such as clear clutter and cobwebs, wash windows, trim the trees, and keep the lawn mowed. This may seem obvious but keeping a tidy exterior is often the biggest impact on the exterior attractiveness of a home. Also, at little cost you can improve the whole look of your home by adding brown mulch to planters (at about $3.00 a bag), planting colorful flowers in planters (flowers generally are a dollar or two each) and you can pressure wash the siding and concrete (You can rent a pressure washer for about $30.00 for four hours).

    When most people assess the exterior of their home they often forget to look up, specifically at the roof. A home’s roof has a major impact on the curb appeal of your home and having a poorly kept roof can tip off potential buyers of a poorly kept home. Although replacing a whole roof is an expense that might not make sense to endure, it is much easier on the bank account to give the roof a good cleaning and patch tiles or shingles that are broken or damaged. Another important and cost-effective way to spruce up your home is replacing rotten wood, especially on soffits and fascias were they are easy to spot.

    The last thing to do when improving the curb appeal is minor repairs and adding small items to tie the home together, after all, the devil’s in the details. Patching cracks in concrete will not only make the walkways and home look better, but will also show potential buyers that you have taken great care of the home. It is also impactful to replace or add things such as doormats, mailbox, and walkway lights, this will bring new depth to your home and tie everything together.

    It should be clear that you do not need to spend a whole lot to quickly and easily improve the curb appeal of your home. Adding everything together, we figure the cost of every project listed is around $500 for everything, and that is assuming you need the expensive jobs done professional such as replacing rotten wood and patching the roof. Realistically, you can spend about $100-$150 bucks and drastically improve the curb appeal of your house, as long as you have been doing maintenance on your home over the years.

    Below is a list of the average prices, keep in mind this is an estimate and we are assuming that you own lawn equipment and cleaning supplies.

      • New Bulbs- $10.00
      • New Address Numbers- $15.00
      • Repaint Door- $30.00
      • Clean Clutter- $0.00
      • Clear Cobwebs/Nests- $0.00
      • Wash Windows- $0.00
      • Trim Trees- $0.00
      • Mow Lawn- $0.00
      • Brown Mulch- $30.00 (for about 10 bags, which will do for small planters)
      • Plant Flowers- $30.00
      • Pressure Wash- $30.00
      • Patch Roof- $150 (to replace shingles, cleaning is free)
      • Replace Rotten Wood- $150.00 (for about 50 linear feet)
      • Fix Concrete- $10.00 (for a tube of concrete crack filler)
      • New Doormat- $15.00
      • New Mailbox- $30.00
      • Walkway Lights- $50.00 (for a box of 6, solar lights)

    • Total Cost for all Jobs: $550.00

    In closing, there is likely little need that all of these jobs need to be completed. A nice cleaning, new doormat, new bulbs and some flowers will cost very little and make a huge impact on the home’s curb appeal.

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    • Cesar

      Written on

      So many pretty and creatively appointed homes in Eastvale! How to choose? Our home is a reddish grey brick and our front door needs painting, I think the Nantucket Grey would be perfect! Thanks!

      • Kristina Kendig

        Written on

        Nantucket Grey is an excellent choice. Grey is the new neutral. It goes with almost anything!


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