Drink Up!

    You know the deal, once a week we get to make our lead broker and owner of the Nazar Kalayji Group try something new. This week Nazar got a bit of a break because his challenge was to try an activated charcoal drink. We stopped by our local nékter down the street to pick up an activated charcoal lemonade for him to taste.

    Why has everyone been raving about this drink? Or more importantly, what exactly is activated charcoal?

    Activated charcoal, in simple terms, is the process of using hot gasses to heat materials such as bamboo, wood, coconut husk, and coal. When these materials are activated, they form internal pores making them absorbent. This absorbent feature helps trap toxins within our body allowing them to be flushed naturally so they are not reabsorbed into the body. This can be great for cholesterol, bloating, skin treatment, or even after a night of drinking. It doesn’t necessarily get rip of alcohol and hangovers, but it helps absorb the chemicals and artificial sugars from mixers. The list goes on about the different uses of charcoal, you can read more here.

    Our office loves nékter Juice Bar located in Eastvale, Ca and it conveniently has a Charcoal Lemonade amongst their brightly colored pressed juices.

    So we decided to give this unappealing pitch black drink a taste… well we made Nazar do it! Our #TrySomethingNewTuesday involved him drinking this bizarre looking drink. It obviously wasn’t bad at all and the health benefits definitely aid in the purpose of the drink. You can watch the full video here.

    nékter Juice Bar also offers an array of pressed juices, fresh smoothies, and smoothie bowls.  So if you’re not sure you’re really into drinking charcoal, they’ve got you covered for what you do what. nékter has redefined fast food with their nutrient packed snacks and menu items. Their instagram-able smoothie bowls have been a hit too, you’ll want to eat up before you even get a snap shot! These extravagant meals come topped with an array of fruits including bananas, strawberries, blueberries, as well as seeds and nuts such as hemp hearts and chia seeds. To top everything off, they also throw in some granola, coconut flakes, bee pollen or agave nectar! These bowls have all the right ingredients to make you feel like you’re sitting on a beach somewhere with the sun on your skin OR in your brand new home from yours truly, Provident Real Estate.

    nékter also has a wide range of cold pressed juices that help detox our bodies, provide vitamins and lots of energy, if you’re feeling a little more on the lighter side. Don’t forget about their choices of vegan and gluten-free snacks such as cookies, pudding, yogurt parfaits, and so much more!

    At Provident Real Estate, we want to make sure that we’re sending you to places that we would go ourselves! We love supporting those in our community and we want you to check out nékter! However, trying the charcoal lemonade is totally your choice!



    You can find nékter Juice Bar in Eastvale located right off of the 15 freeway on Limonite Ave.

    12648 Limonite Avenue

    Suite D

    EastvaleCA 92880

    Follow them on Instagram and check out their website!

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