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    >> Hey you guys, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate here in Eastvale, California. I’m here with Victoria from the Eastvale Community Center. And today we are going to give you guys a sneak peek of the inside of the community center for those that don’t know what it’s all about. Victoria, are you ready to give us a tour?

    >> Absolutely! Follow us.

    >> All right. Come on you guys. All right, you guys, so right now we’re in the main lobby area of the community center. That’s right. And there’s a couple cool things about this space that you might not be aware of, so I’m going to have Victoria tell us about it. Vic.

    >> Yeah, so, we have some great activities here and amenities here in the community center. We have a registration kiosk to our left, where customers can come in, register for contract classes online here. So everything is well equipped. Our entire community center is WIFI capable, so you can definitely come in and be on our WIFI.

    >> For free.

    >> For free, absolutely. We also have our front counter registration, which — as you can see — it’s super busy with registration and all of the activities that are coming up. We also have, to the very far corner, we have our free library. So customers can come in and leave a book, take a book, or just sit and read and have a great time. We also have a small little cafe with some snacks and some sodas. And so this is just what is located here in the main lobby. But if you follow me, we have some stuff down the hall that we’d like to show you.

    >> Let’s go.

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    >> So, right now we’re actually in our Pinnacle Room, which is our banquet facility. It’s a 3300 square foot facility, available for reservations like weddings, quinceaneras, retirement parties, birthday parties, your business meeting, workshops, anything that you can possibly imagine, we can have it right here. We have a beautiful wooden floor also, so this empty space can definitely make your dreams come true.

    >> And if you want to know more about how to rent this space or how much it costs, click on the link below. It’s got all the information there on their website regarding how much the cost and what the steps are to reserve the space. Right?

    >> Absolutely.

    >> All right. So this is called the Pinnacle Room, you guys, and we’re going to go check out some other spaces now, so follow us.

    >> So right now, we are actually in our catering kitchen. As you can see, it’s a full catering kitchen available as part of your reservation if you would like to reserve it. Caterers can come in, prepare food here or if you just need to warm up the yummy treats that you’re going to have for your parties or activities, you can definitely do it here in this facility right here. The best part, it’s right next to the Pinnacle Room, so no transportation needed.

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    So, part of our facility is that we have many contract classes throughout the facility. To my left is actually our art room where we have arts and crafts, ceramic type of classes here at all times. Different age groups, from your little tots to your grandma and me or grandpa and me play activities. To my right, we actually have our computer lab. Our computer lab does have 13 computer stations or there’s an instructor station that can actually mirror what is going on. This si great for contract classes or computer lessons, coding. We have different things. If you want to learn how to use a computer, you can definitely come in and take one of our classes here. Next is our activity rooms A and B. We have a variety of classes. It’s more of a multi-use room. This room can be separated into two different rooms or one full room. It is also available for reservations or you can just come and take mommy and me courses or some other activities. We also have a lot of tutoring type of classes here in this facility as well. So there’s tons of — hundreds of classes that we can definitely offer here at the community center. To my right, there isn’t any windows in this room because it’s our music room. It’s actually set up acoustically. So we have beginning voice, beginning drums, beginning guitar for all of those aspiring artists that want to come and learn how to be that next star.

    >> All right.

    >> So, keep coming.

    >> Let’s go.

    >> Follow me. Part of the great thing about our community center is we are actually part of a water district. So one of the great amenities that we have is actually hydration station, which is right next to our water fountain. And you can bring a water bottle and definitely, instead of, you know, taking care of our environment, we can definitely reuse a water bottle and refill your water bottle.

    >> Excellent.

    >> As you can tell, we do have a very busy facility. So, to my left, we actually have some lockers that are available for rent as part of your membership. So students or customers can come in and leave their precious belongings in a safe, locked environment so that nobody can take those. And as you can see, wonderful staff to help you for any counter needs. One of the great things about our community center is that we actually have a full-fledged gymnasium in our facility. So we actually have two full basketball courts. We have youth programming, like youth volleyball or youth basketball as well throughout the time.

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    Right here, we are in our actual stage lobby area, which leads into our beautiful stage, which is host to a lot of our contract classes. So, between the little ballet and tap jazz for the little, little ones to our Zumba and our cardio fitness and or even yoga classes take place here. If you want more of a martial arts feel, we have our karate jujitsu classes that take place as well.

    >> Victoria, tell us, can someone rent out this space? Like, if I was an instructor and I wanted to teach a class here, they could do that?

    >> Absolutely. If they want to teach a course, just a one-time course.

    >> Yeah.

    >> Or if they want to hold different classes, they can definitely sign up to be a contract instructor with JCSD.

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    >> So we’ve come to the end of our tour here of the community center. We wanted to thank Victoria for all the information that she provided for us. We want to accentuate one additional thing that happens here once a year, which is called the Winter Wonderland. You want to tell us a little bit more about that —

    >> Absolutely!

    >> — activity.

    >> Yeah, we actually have a 24 foot tree that actually sits right behind us — right over there — that we get to light. So it’s actually our Winter Wonderland and Tree Lighting Ceremony, where we bring different activities. We get a special visit from a special someone that lives in the North Pole that comes once a year. And it’s always held on the first Saturday in December.

    >> They also bring fresh snow. There’s vendors there. A lot of cool crafts for kids. And then a picture with that certain somebody. So check it out. It’s a great event as well. It happens, again, the first Saturday —

    >> In December.

    >> — in December every single year. So, hope you’ve enjoyed this tour. If you have any additional questions, please comment below. If you like what you see, please share this video and also check on the link below if you want to get more information about the community center as a whole. Once again, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate. Thank you, Victoria, for all your time.

    >> You’re welcome.

    >> And remember this is the best city in the world and have a wonderful day, you guys. Take care.

    >> Bye.

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