– Hi, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate, here in Norco, California. Today, we’re at the SilverLakes Sports Complex showcasing their new restaurant called the Field House. You guys are gonna absolutely love this place, and if you haven’t been, you gotta come check it out. I can’t wait to show you the inside. Come on. How you doing Ashley?

    – Hi!

    – All right, Ashley’s one of the sales managers at the Field House here. So, Ashley, tell us a little more about the restaurant. Tell us why people should come here, and have an amazing dinner here.

    – Absolutely, well, the Field House is located here in Norco, California, and my gosh, we have a mix of awesome appetizers, salad, steaks, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas. We’re open every day at four o’clock. Parking is complimentary, so during the week you don’t have to pay for any parking and in the evenings on the weekend. It kinda gets that out of the way. It’s kinda nice, cause as you can see, we have outdoor patio space, indoor space, we have a full bar with premium alcohol and all kinds of beers on tap, different wines from around the region, and happy hour every day from four to six.

    – So Ashley, everything sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see some of the food here. Why don’t you come and show us?

    – Let’s do it!

    – All right, let’s go.

    – This is Fernando, our Executive Chef.

    – How you doing Fernando?

    – Very good, and you?

    – Good to meet ya.

    – Nice to meet you.

    – Absolutely.

    – Okay, today, what we cook, our Grilled Chicken Penne Pasta, or we will do New York, a steak with a lobster mashed potato. It’s bomb.

    – Ashley, we’re now at the bar. Tell us a little more about why someone should come here and have a nice drink.

    – Well, besides the 24 beers that we have on tap, we’ve got indoor and outdoor seating. As you can see, these glass doors all roll up, so you can sit outside, watch the sunset. Bars on both sides. And we have an incredible mix, a la de Cisco here.

    – Tonight we’re gonna make you one of our signature cocktails. It’s gonna be fresh muddled lemon, black raspberries, lemon drop.

    – Ashley, thank you so much for allowing us to come here, and check out this beautiful space you guys have built. The Field House is an amazing restaurant that has just opened here in Norco, right next to Eastvale, at the SilverLakes Community here, and it’s a great place. Amazing bar and you guys have to come check out the food. It is amazing.

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