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    Hey, you guys. This is Nazar with Provident Real Estate here in Eastvale, California, the best city in the world. We’re here to showcase another business that we have here in the Eastvale community. This is the Gateway MedSpa. They’re a great business that just started a couple of years ago. They have a phenomenal staff, and I can’t wait to show you all the amenities that they have to offer. So, come check it out with me. Here we are with Dr. Mendoza. So, Dr. Mendoza, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about the medspa, and all the things that you guys have to offer here.

    >> Yes, it’s wonderful to see you today. Welcome to Gateway MedSpa. We are a medical spa that offers several aesthetic treatments for your healthy skin.

    >> Why did you open this up? What inspired you to open up this medspa, especially here in Eastvale?

    >> Yes, well, I’m a board-certified dermatologist, and I’ve been in practice for many years with clinical dermatology.

    >> Okay.

    >> But, I thought that it would be more fun and more helpful to open up this aesthetic practice, and we chose this beautiful city of Eastvale because we know that there has been a lot of commercial progress here, like real estate is booming, and there are so many other businesses in this location.

    >> Okay, very good. Yeah, we’re super excited to have you guys here, and we can’t wait to show everybody here what you guys have to offer, so let’s go check it out.

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    >> Alright, so, we’re here in one of the treatment rooms, you guys, and we’re here with Jada, here. She’s one of the medical aestheticians, and she’s going to be working on, or showing you guys one of the procedures that they offer here. So, Jada, why don’t you tell us what you’re going to be doing, and why people, you know, should come and do this, themselves.

    >> Okay, so today we’re doing oxygen infusion treatment through a company called Intraceuticals, and they really specialize in serum delivery through oxygen. So, it’s great for, especially the hotter months, to rehydrate, rejuvenate the skin, and it’s also great for anti-aging, acne, just all skin types in general. It’s an excellent treatment to really give back to your skin.

    >> So, like, you know, I don’t, is this just for, you know, guys, for girls, or?

    >> Oh, it’s for every, for men, women, even teens. We do a really nice acne treatment for teenagers who aren’t ready for a chemical peel.

    >> Okay, and this is kind of all-encompassing, and you’re just doing the face, or doing the body, or what is it?

    >> Yeah, it would be done on the face. We also have an oxygen inhalation, as well, to just kind of give back to your body, so it’s great for overall well-being.

    >> Okay, so the, what is this, like, what can people expect, you know, how are they going to feel after they do this procedure?

    >> So, immediately after, your skin will feel a little bit more alive, more rejuvenated, rehydrated. You’ll notice, like, softening of fine lines, wrinkles, textural changes.

    >> Okay.

    >> Yeah, and it’s an immediate result, too, which is really nice.

    >> Awesome. And, now, how long does it last, and does it hurt?

    >> Not at all. It’s very relaxing.

    >> Okay.

    >> Very soothing, calming to the skin, and the results will, they’re, I mean, permanent; however, we continue to, you know, get dehydrated, or, you know, continue to break out, so it’s a treatment that you’d want to keep up with to maintain the results.

    >> Okay, so, you know, what would be the appropriate, you know, how many times would you want to do this?

    >> So, the protocol is, you do one treatment for six weeks, so every week you would be doing a treatment, and then after that would just be maintaining.

    >> Okay, so you do it once a week for about six weeks.

    >> Correct.

    >> Gotcha.

    >> Yeah.

    >> Okay, very good. Do you want to kind of show us what, how this works?

    >> Sure, sure.

    >> Okay, very good.

    >> SO, this is oxygen that we directly infuse into the skin with a serum, so for Rosa today, we are using the rejuvenating serum, just a little hyaluronic acid to rehydrate her skin. She’s a little dehydrated today.

    >> Okay, you can tell. I’m just kidding.

    >> Yeah, I’m so dry.

    >> So, this is something that you’re, that you can put different stuff in there?

    >> Yes, so the serums we customize for each patient individually, because everybody has an individual need.

    >> Okay.

    >> So, it’s nice, because you can really customize this treatment.

    >> Okay, and is it going to vary, depending on skin type, or depending on, like, the?

    >> Skin type, yes. So, it would depend on skin type, it would depend on what the patient is looking to achieve, also, and then each time they come in, we can actually infuse a different serum, so depending on kind of where they’re at.

    >> Okay, very good. Alright, guys, we’re here with Margaret in one of the other treatment rooms, and she specializes in Botox, so let’s talk a little bit more about that. So, you know, who’s Botox for? Like, what’s your, you know, age range that you normally have, people you start seeing using Botox?

    >> Usually, it’s for the age group from 21 and over who come in, and that’s usually to relax fine lines and wrinkles, usually on the first third of the face, the forehead, between the brow line, crow’s feet, maybe a little bit under the eye area.

    >> Okay. And then, does it hurt?

    >> It all depends on the individual, but for the most part, everybody’s able to handle the injectable fine.

    >> Very good.

    >> We do a topical application of ice, or an ice compress prior to the treatment.

    >> You know, tell us a little bit more about longevity, like, how long, you know, if I get Botox for my sides of my eyes, here, how long should it last?

    >> For each individual, it’s a little bit different.

    >> Okay.

    >> But, on average, about three to six months.

    >> Okay.

    >> We’d like you to revisit with Dr. Mendoza, usually before, around three months or so, just to see if there’s any need for additional treatment.

    >> Okay.

    >> We do also offer products that will help extend the longevity of your treatments to the best of your physical capabilities.

    >> Okay, so it’s, like, people can do afterwards at home.

    >> Post-treatment.

    >> And, you guys offer that here?

    >> Exactly.

    >> Okay, awesome. Very good. Anything else that you want to point out?

    >> Well, we do also offer Juvederm and Voluma, and those are volume fillers usually used for, like, nasolabial areas, and the side of the mouth, and also to the cheek areas, to add volume.

    >> Okay.

    >> And, again, we also include that with products and treatments that will help extend the life or longevity of the treatments.

    >> Okay, awesome. So, if you want to look nice, you want to get rid of those wrinkles, come on and check this place out. Let’s go check out some more stuff that they do here. Come on.

    >> We’re in another treatment room here with Mary Grace. She’s an LVN, and she’s going to tell us a little bit more additional treatments that they offer here at the medspa, so do you want to tell us a little bit more about what these machines do, and why people need them?

    >> Sure. This machine here to the right of me is called a SculpSure machine, and it’s one of the FDA-approved permanent fat-destruction laser machine that helps with those stubborn pockets of fat. No matter how much you work out, you know, you can build up all that muscle, but yet you still have the flanks, the love handles, the flabby arms here.

    >> I do.

    >> What they call the back roll, the banana roll, and it recently got approved for reducing the fat here in the middle thighs.

    >> In the thigh.

    >> And so, it’s an all-around great treatment for body contouring, even skin tightening.

    >> Okay, I’m interested in this. So, how does it work? Is there pain involved? And, how many times do you have to do it? And then, how quickly do you see results? That’s a lot of questions.

    >> So, we’ll start off with, it’s a minimum of two treatments per area, and you initially do the treatment, you come back in six weeks, and then we re-evaluate. At that time, you will do the second round of your treatment. Each time you do the treatment, it’s a 24% fat reduction.

    >> Wow.

    >> It permanently destroys the fat where you drain, the dead fat cells drain into your lymphatic system.

    >> And then, you pee it out?

    >> You urinate it out. We highly recommend drinking plenty of water.

    >> Like, right after the thing.

    >> Right after and during the weeks to come, integrating exercise, continue that. There’s actually no downtime. You can even work out, you know, right after the treatment.

    >> Really?

    >> Couple, two times a day, five-minute massages. You’ll, the only thing you’ll feel is, for example, doing the abdomen, as if you did 100 sit-ups.

    >> Oh, okay, so you feel that.

    >> Yes.

    >> That pressure.

    >> Right. And again, there’s no downtime.

    >> What about the, those jiggly arms? Does that work for that?

    >> It’s perfect for that. You can do all the weight lifts that you want, build up those muscles, but then you’re not really targeting the fat.

    >> Okay.

    >> When you do your workouts. And so, this machine here will help, with the laser, will destroy that fat, the fat cells here.

    >> Did you guys notice, she didn’t answer if it hurts question? So, let’s find out.

    >> It’s a cycle of cool and warm heat. There’s no pain related to this treatment.

    >> Really?

    >> It’s, it can be very relaxing. It’s a 25-minute treatment. You can do multiple areas in an hour.

    >> So, do you normally do, like, hour treatments, or do you?

    >> We do. A lot of patients like to do multiple.

    >> Areas.

    >> Areas at one sitting, at one visit.

    >> Gotcha.

    >> And so, this is what it looks like.

    >> So, it’s just a laser, then.

    >> It’s a laser that emits through these applicators, and with each treatment, we always use four applicators at a time.

    >> And, there’s different ways you can position these applicators on any part of your body.

    >> So, is it like, are you like, staying in one, one area for 25 minutes?

    >> Right.

    >> Like, continuously?

    >> Yes.

    >> And, all it’s just [inaudible].

    >> It’s a cycle of cold, heat, cold, warm, and it’s a very comfortable cycle.

    >> And, you’re saying [inaudible].

    >> [inaudible] no pain.

    >> No pain.

    >> No pain. No pain, no gain, though, right?

    >> That’s true, that’s true. So, maybe a little bit of pain.

    >> We can always lower the heat setting during the 25 minutes, and every patient has their different tolerabilities [phonetic].

    >> Okay, so you’re, like, putting these on your abdomen.

    >> You can do your abdomen.

    >> Your triceps.

    >> The triceps, your flanks, here.

    >> The back.

    >> The bra rolls, for women.

    >> Okay.

    >> Even for men. One of the interesting areas that we’re treating right now is the knees.

    >> Oh, okay.

    >> You can actually treat the knees, inner thighs.

    >> Those jiggly.

    >> Yes. All around. Even the calf muscles, or the calf part. Not the calf muscles.

    >> Okay, great. What about that machine, there?

    >> And so, the machine to, right here is called the Pellev├ł machine. It is our skin-tightening machine that can be used on the face, on the neck, for the abdomen, the loose skin on your thighs. Pretty much from face all the way down to your legs.

    >> So, is it kind of similar to this, just in smaller sections, or?

    >> It’s different. This is a laser, and this is a radio frequency machine.

    >> I see.

    >> And again, there’s no pain related with the treatments.

    >> Okay, and do you see a pretty sizeable, you know, difference between this, as well, like, when someone’s working on their face?

    >> Absolutely.

    >> Because, you’re trying to shrink fat, as well? Is that what the?

    >> This doesn’t really target the fat. It’s more of a skin tightening.

    >> Okay.

    >> And so, for example, a lot of our patients like to, right before they have an event, say a wedding, they’ll come here a day, a couple, a day or two before and we can.

    >> Bags under the eyes?

    >> Do the, treat the lower eyelids, give you an instant lift, to give you that nice contour for your event. It’s a 25-minute treatment for the actual treatment. We cleanse your skin, we give you a little bit of, you know, TLC before and after, and it’s a, what it does is, it destroys the collagen, and by damaging the collagen, you help stimulate the production of that. When you don’t do anything to stimulate the collagen production, it just depletes, it stays stagnant, and you’re not doing anything to revitalize those areas.

    >> Thanks for taking the time to watch this quick video to learn a little bit more about the treatments that you can expect as you walk through the doors of the medspa here. They’re conveniently located right off the 15 freeway, off of Limonite and Hamner, right next to the Chase Bank, and Rosa, do you want to tell us how they can, how you guys can be found online?

    >> Yeah, you guys can find us on Facebook, Instragram, or Twitter, or you can look us up on our website,

    >> Awesome.

    >> You can learn a little bit more about our services there.

    >> You can also reach us at (951)456-0280, and if you mention this video, we’re offering 10% off your first treatment, a facial, or a peel.

    >> Okay, very good. Well, thanks for visiting us and checking out the space. So, talk to you guys later. Bye!

    >> [unison] Bye!

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