HealthSource Chiropractic & Rehab Center

    Hey, you guys, this is Nazar. We’re here to showcase another local business in our community. We’re at the Health Source, which is a chiropractic and progressive rehab center. And I can’t wait to introduce you to Doctor Chu. So, come on. Let’s go take a look at his facility. Hi again Doctor Chu, good to see you again.


    Alrighty. So, thanks for allowing us to come and visit your office today. Can you please tell us just a little bit more about, you know, who you are, so, that everyone can get to know you a little bit better. And maybe why you decided into chiropractic in the first place, and then, you know I would love to be able to see your office and tell us what you guys have to offer here.

    Yeah, absolutely. First of all, thank you for being here today.


    I’ve been a chiropractor for over 25 years now. Got into this great profession actually in college. I was heading home one day and was in a head on collision with a drunk driver.


    Sustained some injuries, as you might suspect, and it was a chiropractor who actually put me back together. So, from that point on, I kind of changed my whole career path. I had originally wanted to be a heart surgeon of all things, because I always enjoyed working with my hands.


    And so, this, you know, opened up a whole new world to me, and I still get to work with my hands every day. So, that’s how I became a chiropractor. I opened up this office back in 2010 because I not only work in this community, but I live in this community. So, I wanted a place where, number one the commute was going to be shorter, and then number two that I can actually take care of my neighbors and people in my community as a way to, you know, contribute. To give back.

    Absolutely. I know that my wife has been coming here for years now, and she absolutely appreciates all the adjustments. So, why don’t you give us a little tour and tell us about, you know, we talked about health or progressive.

    Rehab, and so, let’s learn a little bit more about what progressive rehab is, and then kind of show them around.

    So, the first time you come into the office, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist.

    Then, you’ll sign in onto your computer, where you’ll use your own identification number. Once that’s done, we usually like to give you a quick tour of the office. So, you know what to expect. Right. You’re coming into our space, we want you to feel comfortable and know where everything is. So, this is our rehab area. Some therapy tables as well. Then, these are two of our adjusting rooms where we turn the power back on in your spine. Usually as a first patient, a new patient, you will come into this room, this is where we do all of our consultations and exams. And as you can see, we also have house x-rays, so, if you require x-rays, we can do that here as well, you don’t have to run to another location. Once we get you settled in this room, we’ll do your vitals, come back into this room and that’s when we start the process taking your history, doing your exam, taking x-rays and going from there.

    So, Doctor, thank you so much for giving us a tour of your office and give us a little feedback on what we can do in our own houses to build a, have better health, and have progressive, you know, just progressive rehab in our own space. You know, please tell us a little bit more about how we can get in touch with you, and, you know, where are you guys located, and what’s the best way to contact to set up an appointment.

    Sure. Our phone number is 951-278-1120, we’re right here off of Limonite and the 15 freeway, in the Lowe’s shopping center, right next to Sally’s Beauty Supply. Everybody knows where Sally’s is. Our website is, you can easily look us up on the internet as well.






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