July 2017 Eastvale Market Update

    Hey you guys, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate in Eastvale, California, the best city in the world. I’m here to give you another monthly update on what’s happening in our beautiful city, or what’s happened in the month of June as far as home sales are concerned. Now these stats and this information I’m about to provide you all come from the multiple listing service, our local MLS, but I want you to know, you know, these stats obviously have a little bit of an effect on what the value of your current house is, but if you were interested to know, even if you have thoughts on selling but are not planning on selling for the next six months to a year, or whatever it may be, but you want to know the current value of your house, please give me a call! I’m the local expert here, I’d be more than happy to come by your house, spend about 5 minutes with you, take a look at the upgrades and condition of your home, and be able to tell you really quickly how we can get you top dollar for your home and what that top dollar number is, ok. Anyway, back to the stats; so the month of June of 2017 there’s a total of 69 houses that sold. Now mind you, there’s over 15,000 homes in Eastvale so 69 homes that sold is still a very insignificant and low number when it comes to overall what’s available out there as far as homes, not on the market, but just homes available. Ok, the average home took about 26 days to sell last month, which is pretty fast. It’s less than a month you guys. The average list price of those homes that sold was $565,000 and the average sold price was $564,000, ok. Now the reason that those numbers are a little bit higher is because we had a couple houses on this, on Kendra Lane, and if you guys are familiar with that street, it’s where the homes you’ve got the largest houses on the largest lots in Eastvale, on Kendra Lane off of Archibald. Now there’s two of them that sold in that community, the highest one sold for $823,200. It was a 4470 square foot home with a pool on a over 24,000 square foot lot, so it’s a little over half acre with a pool, and that sold again for $500 and, or $823,000, so that bumped up all of our stats for the month of June. But for the most part, the number is still increasing. Now here’s some interesting stats. You can see this graph here, the average sold price for the month of January 2017 was $523,000; in the month of February it was $528,000; in the month of March it was $531,000; April was $539,000; May was $533,000; and of course June you went up to the $564,000. Now even if you took those two houses that sold on Kendra Lane, we’re still up, we’re hovering in the $555,000 price range, $555,000 We’re looking at some, you know, decent growth month after month. It’s not significant, it’s not huge, and I think that will continue to happen during the summer months, but I think it will start tapering off once we start getting into the winter months. So you’re looking to make a move, now is the time. Give us a call, we’d be more than happy to help you. Now let’s also talk about, you know, “Nazar, all realtors are alike since the market is so hot, why not list with whomever I want to? Like my cousin, or a relative, or a friend’s referral that’s out of the area. What is the biggest pitfall in doing that?” Well let me explain. You know just like most people have this misconception that all realtors are alike, let me give you a quick analogy; so imagine that you needed, let’s say brain surgery, right. You had a tumor in your brain, or someone in your family had a tumor in their brain, and you needed that tumor removed. Now, would you just go to any doctor that’s out there? Would you go to a person that specializes in heart, a cardiologist? Would you go to somebody that specializes in the foot to do that brain surgery? No, you wouldn’t! Right, you’d hire somebody that specializes in working in the brain, right, doing those types of surgeries. A special surgeon that specializes in brain surgery. Now even though they’re all doctors, just like we’re all realtors, you’d go to the specialist. It’s the same way when you’re looking to hire a professional to get your home sold. You want someone that specializes in the area that you live in, and that happens to be me. Let me show you some stats to be able to prove what I’m telling you, or illustrate that fact. Now, last month in the month of June, 69 homes sold. Those homeowners that listed their home with another company, another realtor, most of those were out of the area agents, listed their home and sold their home for 99% of the average, or the sold, or the list price. Ok, so they list it, whatever they list it for, they sold it for 99% of that. Now you might think, “Nazar, that’s actually pretty good, right? 99%, almost 100%.” Well guess what? Those homeowner’s that put their trust in me to get their home listed and sold, sold for 103% of lis price. That means we were able to sell the home for 4% more than our competitors. Does that sound good? It does doesn’t it? Let me put some more numbers there for you. The average person, or the average realtor out there that was hired by a homeowner in Eastvale, listed and sold a home for $562,000. Those that hired us sold for $591,000. You guys, that’s over a $29,000 difference. Ok, do I have your attention now? See, just like you wouldn’t hire a Podiatrist to work on your brain, you don’t want to hire an agent that’s a realtor, a bonafide realtor, that’s from out of the area, or even in the area that doesn’t know what they’re doing, to list and get you top dollar. Now if you don’t care about top dollar, of course you can hire who you want, but if you want top dollar for your home, then you need someone that knows how to properly market the home, aggressively negotiate a property, and have a very smooth follow up system to be able to make sure the escrow goes through the way that it should and closes on time, you need to hire a local professional like myself. So give me a call, I’d love to be able to stop by your house, and talk to you about selling your house. Either your looking to sell today, or six months or a year from now, I’d still love to meet you. My number is 951-444-8020 and I look forward to talking to you soon.




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