Masala House Indian Food

    Hey guys! This is Nazar with Provident Real Estate here in Eastvale, California, the best city in the world. Today we’re here at the Masala House, which is a restaurant that just opened up. It’s an Indian restaurant. I can’t wait to share the inside and tell you why this should be the next place you have dinner tonight. So come follow me. I’ll introduce you to the owner.

    Hello, Nazar!

    Hey, Vino! How are you doing?

    Good, good.

    Thanks for allowing us to come here today.

    So Vino, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about why you guys decided to open up the Masala House as a restaurant here and a little about the history here.

    Yeah, about like 10 years ago we opened it. We started it as a grocery store with a very small kitchen. And we didn’t have much seating arrangement, but people liked our food so much. And every day they were coming over here, but the only thing was they didn’t have much space to sit here.

    I remember.

    Yeah. So that’s what it was like. I mean then we thought, well, make it something nice where like kind of a dining. People can sit and enjoy food with their families. Of course they loved our food.

    Ok, very good. This Anu, his wife here.

    My wife. Yeah.


    So why don’t you guys take us inside and show us a little bit more about how to make a couple of things and maybe show us some dishes that you guys make here now.
    Oh, yeah, of course. Come on in.

    Come on in, guys.

    So here we are, we’re inside the kitchen right now. Can you tell us a little bit more about what he’s doing and what this is?

    So this is called Naan. It’s Indian bread. And it’s made in a clay oven.

    This is like, having made in this special clay oven. So that is like one of the Indian favorites, famous bread I can say. But still it is called Naan. Everybody loves it. And with any kind of dish you eat with Naan.

    This is a dish, it’s called Jackfruit, but in our Indian language, we call it Katow [phonetic], so it’s a very real dish and very tough to make. Not everybody can make this in a real good form. So this is one of our specialty. A lot of people come from far away distance just to try our, this dish.

    So this is called Chicken Tikka Masala. It’s like well-known dish as Indian food. Over here we have barbecue, very special barbecue chicken made with the Tandoori Chicken and served with the Saffron Rice. So this is Chicken Tikka Wrap and has like chicken, bell pepper, onions, and secret sauce of Masala House, made with walnuts. So this is always served on Tandoori Naan.

    Well, hopefully, you guys have enjoyed the tour of the Masala House as much as I did. I know that you guys can’t smell this, but this place smells absolutely amazing. They’re here every single day, open from 10:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. So you guys can enjoy either lunch or dinner here. And they have all kinds of sweets and all kinds of additional things we didn’t show you today. But please come check out this place. Say hi to Anu and the rest of the gang here from Nizar at Provident Real Estate here. And this is an amazing addition to the Eastvale community here. And hopefully, you guys will enjoy many lunches and dinners here. So I’ll go ahead and enjoy my meal, and hopefully you’ll be able to come in and enjoy yours some other time. Have a great day!

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