Picnic in the Park 2017


    Hey, you guys. This is Nazar with Provident Real Estate here in Eastvale, California, the best city in the world. We’re here at the Picnic in the Park 2017, and it is an amazing event. Hopefully, you guys like this video that kind of showcases a little bit about what this Picnic at the Park’s about. At our booth, we’re giving away this year free water, face painting, free slime making, free home evaluations, and there’s a huge carnival here. There’s music going in the background. There’s tons of other vendors. Amazing food. It’s a fantastic place to be. If you haven’t been this year and if you missed it, make sure to check out 2018 Picnic in the Park. Some of the cool things that they have at the Picnic in the Park is a water melon eating contest, a salsa-making contest, the really cool bands and shows that they have, a beer garden, amazing food, the cool vendors, the carnivals, and of course, the best thing ever is on Saturday night, they have the most amazing firework display ever. It’s about ten minutes long and it rivals Disneyland. You guys have to come check it out if you haven’t seen it before — 2018 Picnic in the Park. You should come check it out. These are one of the amazing events that makes Eastvale the best city in the world, you guys. Once again, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate, and have a great day.



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