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    Provident Real Estate Stopped by to get a tour of Eastvale Athletics!





    >> Hey guys, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate here in Eastvale California, the best city in the world. I’m here with Robin and she’s one of the owners of Eastvale Athletics. They’re brand new to Eastvale here and we are super excited to showcase them here in Eastvale. So we’re going to talk about why you guys should come and check out the space and we’re going to talk about what’s offered here and then we’ll go from there. So Robin tell us a little bit quick– just a quick breakdown of what– why you guys, you know, why you guys call it Eastvale Athletics and what– what you guys offer here.

    >> Okay. A couple things, we wanted to branch out a little bit more into our community and to the community of Eastvale.

    >> Okay.

    >> My partner’s history is with personal training, extreme fitness; he’s been in Eastvale for over 10 years.

    >> Okay.

    >> He used to train out of his garage, went to the park, outgrew that and there was no place in Eastvale for him to train people that was affordable so he was actually in Mira Loma for about seven years running CrossFit in [inaudible] over there.

    >> Okay.

    >> So just–

    >> Does that location still exist?

    >> No we closed that down.

    >> To bring it here.

    >> Yeah. So we partnered up. My background in history is in athletic training, sports performance, strength and conditioning and so we teamed up and wanted to kind of expand the CrossFit model and offer boot camp style classes, which is our workshop. We also offer yoga every night of the week, and then weightlifting or open gym option. So we have a lot of members who one partner in the family may like CrossFit, the other person goes to 24 hour fitness or some other, you know, gym where they just do their thing.

    >> Yeah.

    >> Instead of dividing and conquering and then meeting back at home they can at least come to the same location and get the same workout.

    >> So why don’t you tell us for those that don’t know what CrossFit is, you know, what is it specifically?

    >> So CrossFit’s a specific style of working out. Kind of the catch phrase is constantly varied. It’s a licensed term so it’s– we’re all CrossFit certified coaches, so when people come to our class they’re never really knowing what they’re going to do. The goal is to do, kind of, a total body workout; so you’re going to be doing all kinds of different movements and a lot of those movements are going to be similar to the day to day tasks that you may not necessarily know are coming; so like a flat tire, being able to lift heavy things, get that tire on, you know, picking up your kids, building fences, taking concrete bags out of your trunk, so things that are day to day that wouldn’t necessarily be every day you’re going to be more prepared based on the different things that we do in CrossFit.

    >> So, you know, the common thing that I hear all the time is that, you know, if you go to CrossFit you’re going to get hurt, right; I don’t know if you guys heard of that before, but so how would– how would someone not– why should they not be afraid of getting hurt at a CrossFit here or at your gym?

    >> Specifically here our philosophy is pretty much anybody can go to CrossFit level once certification, pay their money, pass the test, and be a trainer. So what we really look for here is having quality and educated staff and coaches that know how to adjust and scale– what we call scale movements for people that have different issues going on.

    >> Okay.

    >> So it can be a beginner who’s never done the movement, it can be somebody with a shoulder issue already, a back issue, a knee issue; we can work around those things.

    >> So, you know, for– for someone that’s in Eastvale, you know, that’s never tried, you know, this type of a gym environment before, you know, what can they expect when they walk in the door?

    >> They’re going– you can expect probably loud noise.

    >> Okay.

    >> A lot of energy. A lot of fun, positive people. The difference is that we’re providing a couple different services. So if CrossFit’s not really your thing or it’s a little too intimidating with all the barbells and throwing and running and yelling or whatever we do have a couple other variations. So the goal here isn’t that CrossFit’s the only way, the goal is to get people fit.

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    >> So we’re in a pretty cool special room here. Robin tell us a little bit about the space.

    >> So this is our kid’s room. We, number one it’s air conditioned so in the summer time it’s great. But what we found is that there’s multiple barriers usually that people can’t get in the gym, and one of them is just making sure that their kids are taken care of while they’re working out. So we wanted a safe environment, air conditioned or climate controlled. We have a dedicated attendant that’s going to be in the room on limited hours in the morning and in the evening so that your kids can be taken care of. We have an area outside that if your kids don’t necessarily want to be in here, they’re a little bit older, but have homework we have like a study area that they can put– bring their tablets out, work on homework, get their computers out and do their stuff, so.

    >> So Robin did I– did I see some showers here?

    >> Yes yes. We– we–

    >> That’s not a norm though in this type of gym.

    >> No. So the two things that we really wanted to try and set ourselves apart as a CrossFit gym as a gym for the community was having a kid’s room and having showers.

    >> Okay.

    >> So Robin thank you so much for allowing us to come over and check out Eastvale Athletics. And if you have any questions or would like more information please check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. Their links will be found below. You can also check out their website, which has all the pricing and hours and so forth, and you know, obviously welcome– walk-ins are welcome as well.

    >> Yes.

    >> Once again I’m Nazar with Provident Real Estate, this is Robin, one of the owners at Eastvale Athletics and we wish you a wonderful day. Take care.

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