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    Restoration Roasters


    This isn’t your typical coffee shop 






    When you walk into Restoration Roasters in Corona, you’re getting so much more than a cup of coffee. Their promise to the community is a new start for people apart of the Corona Norco Rescue Mission. Blake Ryan started Restoration Roasters to abandon the social stigma surrounding the homeless. Homeless individuals are often blamed for their situation and  isolated from society, but Restoration’s goal is shed light on their stories and bring them back to a comforting and warm environment.

    Blake Ryan volunteers at the Corona Norco Rescue Mission himself and gives individuals from the rescue mission a platform to be heard. Restoration Roasters is a place for individuals to learn vocational and life skills by working as a barista, interacting and assisting with customers and dealing with day to day business operations. 100%  of the net proceeds from products purchased support the Corona Norco Rescue Mission.

    The next time you’re in dire need of a little caffeine (most likely right now) be sure to support local and support individuals who have been less fortunate; you can do all of this by simply buying a coffee! Who knew buying a latte for yourself could be so beneficial, not only to your bad case of the Monday’s but also to those in need.

    Restoration’s craft and creativity is what fuels their practice. They are in constant search of the perfect method to bring you the best cup of coffee. Their beans are sourced from farms located around the world to bring you a comforting drink at the palm of your hands. You can find several different scenery areas within their space. They have a perfect mixture of high tables, stools, and bar seating mixed with long communal tables and benches. You can also find a cabin-styled den complete with couches, chairs, a bookshelf, and fire place for those long study nights.


    Be sure to check them out at or through their Instagram @restorationroasters

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