September 2017 Eastvale Market Update



    Hi, you guys, this is Nazar again with Provident Real Estate, here in Eastvale California, the best city in the world. Here to give you another monthly update of what’s happened in the city of Eastvale in the month of August of 2017. So, in the month of August, is a total of sixty-one houses that sold. Last month there was sixty-two, sixty-one this month. Average days on market for this month crept up to thirty-seven days, last month is twenty-four, the month before that was twenty-six. So, we’re seeing days on market, homes are staying on the market a little longer. Right now, the average on market for an active listing is forty-five days. So, things are creeping up as far as how many days a home is staying on the market. This last month of August, that lowest price home that sold in Eastvale was three hundred and fifty-eight thousand dollars, the highest price home that sold in Eastville was seven hundred and fifty-eight thousand dollars. The average is five fifty-seven guys little, a little bit above five fifty, fifty-seven. Last month was five fifty-two. Now you might think that it’s a trend going up, it’s actually not. The month before that, the average home price that sold was five sixty-four. So five sixty-four went down to five fifty-two, and up, up to five fifty-seven now, but think about it, the average home in Eastville is five fifty-seven, which is fantastic still, but here’s the interesting stat you guys should know. Those homeowners that listed their home and sold with another agency, the average home sold pricing in that arena was five fifty-five, those homeowners decided to use our company at Provident Real Estate to get the list home and get your home sold, last one sold for six twenty-five. Average days on market for those other people were thirty-eight days. Those homeowners that used our company to get their home listed and sold, sold in an average of thirteen days last month. So not only are we selling homes for more money, we’re selling for faster, and there’s a reason why. If you want to know please give us a call. We’d love to be able to share with you, our marketing strategy, and how we help homeowners in Eastvale get top dollar. Most of the agents that work with us in our team, including myself, live in Eastvale. We have a vested interest to get top dollar for your house. We spend more money in advertising our client, our clients’ listings, and getting top dollar for their home than anybody else in this area. Average days, or that, the percentage of homeowners that were sold, or the homes that were sold all cash last month was twelve percent you guys, so twelve percent of all the homes that sold in Eastvale were sold to cash buyers, and majority of those buyers were investors. Now on the average in Eastville is around eighteen percent. So that number going down last month concerns me a little bit, that tells me that those, those buyers are not as excited, or that the money is running out little bit, but for the most part I think it’s still healthy, anything under ten percent I’ll be concerned. So having in the lower twelve percent range are now, but I’m surprised about that number, but at same time I think next month we should be up in the eighteen, twenty percent range again. So, what’s going on with Eastvale, right? Here are some cool things about what’s going on with Eastvale. Number one is that we’re almost out of inventory, as far as new construction is concerned. There is some grading going on right now off of Limonite, and Archibald, and they are planning on building some smaller houses, on smaller lots, like two-storey homes, like they did off of Scholar Way, right next to the middle school and the high school there. So, they’re building those types of homes there, just more low-density housing. So that’s going to be good for the first-time homebuyer, the person that’s trying to get in, the investor crowd. So that’ll be good. But other than that, there’s not a lot of other buildings going on, which is a good thing for us, as homeowner’s concern, because if you want to sell your house, there’s less competition for new construction, and of course is also less competition because there’s not a lot of houses for sale. We’re, you know, we’re still under a hundred homes on the market, and if you really think about it, out of fifteen thousand homes, a hundred homes is even less than one percent. So this is still good for homeowner, we’re still in the good sellers’ market. It’s not as crazy high as it was back in the summer, or even a couple years ago, we’re still in the good, healthy sellers’ market, of up, and if the home is priced right, it looks right, it’s staged right, it’s going to sell quickly. So if you guys have any thoughts on selling please, please know who to call, and that, that’s us, the local experts here at Provident Real Estate. Please come visit us at any time in our office. We are located off of Hamner and Belgrave, pretty much. Our address is 5329 Hammer Avenue, Suite 601, 602 and 603. Obviously, you can also give us a call, 951-444-8020. Other than that, there still tons of awesome things happening in Eastvale, it’s a great place to live, and got great schools. We’re close to shopping, we’re close to freeways, and other amenities are coming up. Costco’s going to be built sometime in 2018, we’re getting you know Smart and Final just opened up, so there’s a lot of really cool things happening, if you guys do own a local business here in the community, and want us to showcase it, please let us know. We’d love to be able to do that, but as far as the monthly update is concerned, that’s pretty much a wrap up. So, any questions, please post them below. We’d love to answer them for you, and other than that, I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care.



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