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    Southern California Edison’s ‘Clean Fuel Reward Program’ Can Land You $450

    Southern California Edison is offering a $450 rebate to hybrid electric & battery electric vehicle owners as apart of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program. This isn’t a ‘forever’ offer, it is expected to last through 2020 and the rebate rates may increase or decrease throughout that time. The approval process takes about 30 days and several weeks after that for the check to show up to your doorstep. If you thought waiting for your online shopping package was excruciating, try waiting for a free $450! Like I said though, its a free $450 so be patient.

    The program is quite inclusive. It covers any customer of Southern California Edison (SCE) with an active account in their service territory, and covers any new, used, owned, or leased eligible plug-in EV listed on the Drive Clean website.

    What You’ll Need for the Application Process:

    1. Your SCE Service account number – you’ll be able to find this on any of your SCE bills or through their website under your account information.
    2. Current vehicle registration card – you’ll need to upload an image of your current vehicle registration.

    You will need to make sure that your full name and address on the application match the full name and address provided on the vehicle’s permanent registration card. Also make sure that your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is registered with the same residential address on your SCE account.

    Did we mention that this rebate has NO income limits? That’s right, we told you this rebate was inclusive. Compared to other clean vehicle rebates, such as the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project  which limits eligibility to only new vehicles and puts a limit on income, SCE rebate doesn’t put that stress on you.

    California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program wants to encourage people to use clean fuels to help combat climate change. SCE has profited off of this because they earn money when EV owners charge at home, but they have decided to return that profit to SCE EV owners in the form of this rebate.


    Learn more about California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program here. We’ve also got you covered for the list of Drive Clean’s list of Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles.


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