The Best Time To Sell Your Home In Southern California

    Spring isn’t always restricted to ‘spring cleaning’ and the death of our sinuses due to allergies. The spring season could also be the best time for you to sell your home. There are a lot of variables to consider when selling your home but the most important variable seems to be weather dependent. Data conducted by Homelight compared an algorithm to find the best time to sell a house against real estate transaction data from 2015. Their results concluded an overview that spring is the best season to sell your home…but why

    Spring means that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer. How does this relate to you selling your home, you ask?


    1.Long Days

    Think about it, longer days mean you can show your home to more prospective buyers with more foot traffic throughout the day which ultimately leads to a greater and faster chance that your home will sell.

    2. Warmer Weather

    While the weather in Southern California is fairly mild all year round and lives up to it’s ‘sunny California’ stereotype, there is no denying that spring means warmer weather. There are fewer rainy days which makes the physical moving process easier and less tedious.

    3. Holiday Season Is Over

    The turnover into the spring months mean that holiday season is officially over (finally). During the winter months people are looking to spend money elsewhere and on other people.

    4. School

    According to PennyMac, most families wait until the spring months to move to avoid uprooting their family and their children’s social life (social suicide to move during the school year).


    Spring offers the dream of what people buy into when they look for a new a home. These months mean a more vibrant, fresh landscape with green grass and bright blooming flowers. The idea of Summer is along the horizon containing pool parties, bbq, family dinners, bonfires, and the opportunity for new memories to be made. 


    Spring offers the dream of what people buy into when looking for a new home. The spring season means a more vibrant and appealing landscape with fresh flowers blooming; the idea of summer is along the horizon with thoughts of family bbqs, pool parties, bonfires, children in the yard, and opportunities for new memories to be made.

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