The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel

    – Is your dog more like one of your children, than just a pet? Well, if you fall in that category, I got just the place for you. My name is Nazar with Provident Real Estate, and today we’re showcasing, The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel. And I can’t wait to introduce you to the owner, and why you should bring your dog here at this place. Let’s go! Erika, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about your dog hotel, and why people should bring their dogs here.

    – Well we started in 2006, as a pet sitting service the Pet Patrol was born. And then in 2015, we decided to have the dogs come to us. So we can up with the idea of building a dog hotel, because the area really didn’t have any dog boarding facilities near Eastvale. So we decided we wanted to make a nice hotel where dogs can come and play, and be in a safe environment. We offer daycare services, boarding services, and have a premium look and feel. And the dogs feel like they’re at home. We have a self-serve dog wash where you can come wash your dogs. We supply everything. The towels, the blow dryers and everything. Then we also have full grooming service where people can come and we can do your dog’s haircuts fast and whatnot. We have daycare, the dog’s come play in daycare. Like Link here, he comes and plays with the other dogs. We have boarding dog hotel, we have standard suites, luxury suites, and large suites. All the glass, nice suites, no bars, no cages. We have actually offer TVs for the dogs, blankets, beds. Just a homey feel to a more upscale approach to keeping your dogs… Safe and happy.

    – Okay, so when they come to the doggy daycare, there’s actually three different kind of locations.

    – Yeah, they’re done by size. So Link here would be with the small dogs. Then we have medium sized play group, and we also have large group. The dogs in there are mixed by size for safety reasons. So they get to play during the day, they have a nap time, feeding time. Lunch time, some dogs bring lunch boxes.

    – And you said something about report cards, tell us a little more about that.

    – Well, what sets us apart from the rest…

    – Okay.

    – Is that we send home report cards every night. It’s texted to you, it’s emailed to you. Where you have pictures of your dog, videos, how they’re doing, how they’re eating. If they’re behaving well in daycare. People worry about their dogs when they’re gone, and we don’t want them to. So we like to let them know your dog’s doing okay, and kids love the pictures cause they miss their dog.

    – Okay, now I see you guys got some food here as well.

    – Yeah, we also offer food, treats, premium food. Good food you could find at high-end pet stores.

    – So what hours are you guys open here?

    – We’re open 7 to 7, Monday through Saturday. And 9 to 6 on Sundays.

    – Okay very good, and you guys open every single day of the year, right?

    – 365 days a year.

    – People can leave them here for a day, for a week, a month?

    – Yes, we have extended stays, weekend stays, everything’s available. There’s a discount after seven nights. So people let stay here for longer. Dogs could stay here for longer period of time.

    – Okay very good. And Erika, can you tell us. You wanted to offer a special for our guests here that happen to be here for the very first time. So if they…

    – Yeah, if you share this post. Then we’re actually going to offer a free night of boarding. Someone’s going to win a free stay with us.

    – Okay, so you guys share this post and we’ll raffle off from all of you that share. And then we’ll pick one winner, and that winner will be able to get a free night stay at The Pet Patrol Dog Hotel here. Any other things you want to share?

    – You could find us on social media if you want to see fun pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Everyday we’re posting pictures of the dogs, and fun videos. So if you want to see your dog, chances are it could be on there.

    – Could be on there.

    – Yeah, people like to see their dog.

    – So you could be a star. Alright you guys, Erika thanks for letting us come on and check out your space. If you guys have any questions, post below any comments. And please share this to get a chance to be able stay here for one night free. Okay, take care.

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