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    Try Something New Tuesday – Australian Treats

    Try Something New Tuesday – Australian Treats

    Did you know that in Australia they call candy, lollies?! Guess it comes from lollypops, but still, calling chocolate lollies feels real backward to us Americans. But hey, at least most of them taste great, but of course, there are a few things in this box that Nazar hates. We bet you can guess which thing he hates the most.

    – Hey guys, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate and today is Try Something New Tuesday. We’ve been out for a couple of weeks, but we’re back and we’re super excited for this episode to bring you stuff from Australia. Now, to make this a little bit more authentic, I brought my friend here, the ish from Australia. Say hello, Diane.

    – Hello.

    – Her name is Diane Wheelah, that’s how she pronounces it and today she’s gonna help me figure stuff out here that I have in this box. Now, I’m not gonna show you everything that’s in this box just yet because I want you guys to be surprised as I take things out. Now, this office here that we have is owned by an Australian company and every year they send us stuff that’s Australian and this year, they sent us a box with all kinds of goodies. I haven’t even actually seen most of the contents of this box. I’m gonna take things out one by one, I’m gonna have Diane tell us a little bit more about what this is. Most of it’s candy and stuff like that and then we’re gonna try it. I’ll have her experience some. Obviously, she’s had most of these before. I’ll try it and let you know if I think it’s good or not. I’m sure most stuff you can probably get online nowadays, but here we go. You guys ready? You ready, Diane?

    – Whoo-hoo!

    – Alright, cool, let’s go. Alright, we’ll start it off with the first thing that popped out on here and this is called what? What is this called?

    – A Wagon Wheel.

    – A Wagon Wheel and tell us a little more about this Wagon Wheel while I open it up.

    – This is a treat that kids would eat and it’s chocolate, it has marshmallow, it’s like a biscuit. Now, we will say biscuit, not cookie. There’s a difference there. So, a biscuit is a cookie, American cookie. And it’s gonna have some kind of jam. And I grew up on these. I love them.

    – She is accurate. There is a little bit of jam, some filling in here and a cracker of some sort.

    – It’s probably the Australian version of a Whoopie Pie. Do you know what I mean? It’s good. I like these. What do you think?

    – It’s good.

    – It’s definitely a kid food, though. It’s not an adult food.

    – Yeah, it’s sweet, it’s good…

    – I’m gonna eat mine.

    – Yeah, you can finish it. There’s a lot of them here, so we’re gonna go through here.

    – This is my favorite, Cherry Ripe. It’s dark chocolate on the outside and a cherry coconut inside. This is awesome. You will want to try this.

    – Alright, we’ll see if you’re… Oh, I was expecting it to be in a whatchamacallit. Oh, there’s two of these, okay. Go ahead and have one.

    – It’s so good. You don’t like it? That was offensive. Oh my gosh, I love these.

    – Nuh-uh. No, what don’t you like about it?

    – I like coconut, but I don’t like artificial cherries and that’s what it tastes like to me.

    – Okay.

    – Do you like it?

    – I love it. I’m gonna save that and take it with me.

    – You may be able to save and take all of these with you, okay.

    – Turkish Delight.

    – Turkish Delight, that’s interesting. I’m Armenian, so this doesn’t bode well with me. Just kidding, for my Turkish friends out there. No offense.

    – But you do know that Australia is very multicultural. So, this is gonna have a gelatinous…

    – Gelatinous?

    – Yeah, jelly-like. You’ll see.

    – Okay, here’s one thing that I’d learned the other day and then she debunked me. See, I went somewhere and I was talking to a whole bunch of people that were from England and they said, oh yeah, Australia was all made from convicts because anyone that was a bad person in London, they just shipped them out to Australia and that’s where Australia began. And then I was super excited to talk to Diane the other day. I’m like, hey, I realize that your ancestors are convicts and that’s why they say, hey mate, right? Inmates, get it? But she’s like, “Well, actually…” And then I’ll let you tell the story.

    – So, actually I do not come from convict stock. My ancestors were free settlers. My great-great-great-great uncle, he actually brought sheep into Australia and Nazar doesn’t like that one either.

    – Okay, seriously, this tastes like a kid would never eat this.

    – No, this is more an adult candy and it’s got that rose water taste to it.

    – Okay, I like rose water, and as she said, adult candy. A kid wouldn’t like this and would probably spit it out.

    – Now you understand the Gelatinous. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very–

    – Gelatinous. No gelatinous here, okay. Tam Tam.

    – Tim Tam.

    – Tim Tam, sorry, I misspelled it. Or misspoke it.

    – And you can buy these at Target.

    – You can?

    – Yeah and these are delicious.

    – I haven’t had any of these before.

    – Other way.

    – Yeah, I’m just… Alright, Tim Tams.

    – And these are great.

    – Tell me why.

    – Because they’re just a great biscuit. It’s a chocolate biscuit. Australian kids like to bite this end off, this end off and drink milk through it because you can pull milk through it like a straw.

    – Oh, really? Unfortunately, we don’t have any milk here, so we can’t do that.

    – Still bite your ends off, but these are really good. I like to refrigerate them.

    – Why?

    – Because they just taste really good cold and they melt in your hand. I could eat this whole thing, but I better stop, so I can try the other stuff.

    – I give it two thumbs up on that one. That one tastes really good.

    – Yeah, they’re really good.

    – Okay, this is not candy, but I thought it was really cool that they gave a little kangaroo. Did you have a pet kangaroo when you were younger?

    – Yes, I rode one to school.

    – Come on.

    – That’s the second question people ask me. No, there are not kangaroos roaming the streets.

    – There’s not?

    – No.

    – At least not where you’re from.

    – No, I come from a big city, but the Outback, there would be in the Outback.

    – Okay, I’ve heard of the Outback. A little koozie, you can’t eat that or drink it. This is a very big bag here.

    – Oh, licorice.

    – Licorice, is this gonna be any normal licorice?

    – The brand is what’s important here, Darrel Lea’s. Darrel Lea is a huge candy store.

    – Holy crap!

    – We do not call them candy actually, we call them lollies.

    – These are lollies. You would have never known that until today.

    – Yes, and red raspberry licorice, I think this was to appease the American people, because we like black licorice.

    – I love black licorice.

    – Yeah, and Australians make great black licorice.

    – Really?

    – You can buy it at Sprout’s. Sprout’s has great Australian licorice.

    – I’m gonna keep this one for myself. This one’s delicious. Mm, so good.

    – Crunchie.

    – Tell me about this.

    – It’s like a honeycomb candy bar covered in chocolate. The fun thing about eating this is when you eat it, you have to put it on your tongue and let it sit there and it should melt, the honeycomb. Uh-huh.

    – Oh, okay.

    – Go for it.

    – You can bite and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    – Mm.

    – That’s good?

    – Yeah, I had something like this before. What’s American like this?

    – We have a Violet Crumble bar, which is a similar thing. I don’t know whether that’s in there.

    – I’ve totally have had something like this before.

    – Now, stick your tongue on it and see how it melts and as a kid, you would do that and it was just fun. Yeah, that’s good.

    – The stuff I’m gonna keep, I’m gonna put it on this end here.

    – Well, there you go. You should’ve been wearing those all along.

    – I should have been. Keep things more legit here. Alright, here we go. Picnic.

    – Picnic, I personally am not a fan of a Picnic. It’s very peanuty, so it’s along the lines of a Snickers bar, but big peanuts instead of being crushed down. You see what I’m saying?

    – Yeah. So, I’ll let you keep that one.

    – I get what she’s saying. It’s like a homemade version of a Snickers bar.

    – Yeah, the peanuts aren’t busted down, they’re whole. Boost, I have no idea.

    – What?! She has no idea what a Boost is. This must be not Australian. You see that? It’s got caramel.

    – This is a first for you and me.

    – Good.

    – But Cadbury is the big chocolate maker. Can you tell the difference, though? I think the chocolate tastes really different.

    – Most chocolate in other countries tastes different to me. This is alright. It’s got caramel, it’s got some type of filler inside. And none of this stuff is gluten free, unfortunately, so my kid can’t have it.

    – So, see how it says smooth chocolate center packed with biscuits. See, so it’s not a… I’ll give you that one.

    – Here’s a big pack, man. Mint Slices.

    – They’re a good biscuit, very minty.

    – Very minty, I’ll be the judge of that.

    – Once again, good in the fridge.

    – Is it something you’d wanna freeze or just in the refrigerator?

    – In the fridge, have it cold.

    – Alright.

    – It’s got the biscuit on the bottom and then the mint on the top.

    – My wife likes stuff like this. I don’t like it all. Do you like it?

    – I’m not a huge mint fan. When my mother was pregnant with me, that’s what she craved was mint and I think I got overdosed in the womb. That’s my theory.

    – Used to be the other way around, right? Your mom loved it, you’d like it a lot.

    – Yeah.

    – So, no go on the mint for you.

    – No, I’m not a big fan.

    – Alright, Tiny Teddies.

    – Yeah, just a little cookie.

    – Looks really sad, like Tiny Tim. Oh, they’re just little–

    – Yeah, they’re just little kids snacks. Except it looks like he’s got something coming out of his nose.

    – Something does look like it’s coming out its nose. Oh, not this one.

    – Oh, maybe it’s his tongue. Yeah.

    – Oh no, maybe it’s honey or chocolate. This is chocolate flavored. Man, this one looks like it’s mean.

    – But it’s a little kids cookie.

    – We eat Australians. We’re not gonna mess with that. Okay, mm.

    – Twirl.

    – I wonder if it’s like the imitation Twix. Is that what that is? Do you remember?

    – I don’t remember this one.

    – Are you losing your knowledge now?

    – No.

    – There’s three bars.

    – See, that’s big value. You would never get that in America, would you?

    – We’d only get two.

    – You’d only get two.

    – But ours would be thicker and longer.

    – I wonder whether these are caramely, no.

    – What?

    – There’s another lolly that you can get in Australia called a Flake bar, I think it’s called. It’s very similar to this.

    – The inside of this has a whole bunch of…

    – Rolled chocolate.

    – Yeah, it’s weird. This one then definitely not a Twix candy bar. Alright.

    – Oh okay, Freddo Frogs. So, I grew in Sydney going to the Easter Show, which is a huge fair and you would get all the candy bars and all these different show bags and the Freddo Frog bag was the best because it was really cheap and you’d get 20 different flavors.

    – Oh, really?

    – So, Australian kids love these.

    – Wait, so is that milk chocolate as well?

    – Yeah, so you give me just a taste of your one, so we don’t open both.

    – So, it’s just a chocolate bar.

    – Yeah, it’s just a chocolate bar, but it’s aimed at kids. Yeah, they’re good.

    – I’m gonna get a big headache after this.

    – You’ll have to run home. Same thing, yep, except it has caramel in the middle. So, they’re really good, too.

    – I probably like that a lot. Same thing, alright. Vegemite. Tell me more about this.

    – So, Vegemites are awesome. This is the equivalent of Australian kids have this like American kids have peanut butter and jelly. But we do not put it on like peanut butter. We put it on sparingly. It’s really good on fresh bread. Put some butter down, put a little bit of Vegemite. You’ve gotta show how much you’ve got there.

    – Is that a lot?

    – That’s probably a lot. That’s probably enough for one sandwich.

    – Oh, really? This is enough for one sandwich?

    – Yeah, or one piece of toast. So, let’s go for it and let’s see how you feel. I love it.

    – Oh my gosh. That is disgusting.

    – So, it’s a yeast extract. It’s definitely an acquired taste.

    – What’s wrong with you people?

    – I love it. See, I didn’t even… Vegemite, it’s great. Good source of Vitamin B.

    – Oh my gosh, if you wanna torment your kids, buy some Vegemite and tell them it’s peanut butter. Don’t ever tell people it’s peanut butter.

    – No, it’s the equivalent. You know how American kids here will say can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Australian kids will say can I have a Vegemite sandwich–

    – Oh my gosh. That is so awful. Why do you keep on licking the spoon? It’s disgusting.

    – But it might give it some context, excellent. It might give it some context, you can make gravy out of this.

    – Alright, there is some candy here.

    – Fantails.

    – Is this gum?

    – No, it’s gonna be a candy, a chocolate lolly with caramel in the middle and these are really popular to get at the movie theater. You know how you go to the movies here and you might buy, what do we buy at the movies?

    – Popcorn.

    – Well, besides popcorn?

    – I don’t know, regular candy.

    – Yeah, so this is a popular candy that you can get at the movie theater.

    – Why?

    – It just comes in a packet, so it’s just…

    – Not good.

    – Okay, Minties. Now, there is a trick to Minties. Now, this is gonna be chewy. Is this our last one? We should save this to last.

    – Yeah. Okay, so be careful when you open it. This is a very minty Mintie. It is a lolly once again and it’s kind of hard.

    – It’s a what?

    – A lolly. Now, one of the things that we would do with Minties and they have… Oh no, no, keep your wrapper. They have competitions.

    – On?

    – How long can you make your Mintie wrapper. So, we would go on car trips, sit down… And we would have huge competitions. I would do this with my friends, with my family. You could probably even look it up on YouTube, people who can…

    – And it’s only with Mintie wrappers?

    – Mm-hm, Minties, that’s what I remember growing up as a kid, but I love Minties and they’re a good candy. They last a long time.

    – Yeah, it’s basically the mint candies that you get at a restaurant.

    – It’s a little bit longer and I’ll be chewing on this for probably five minutes.

    – Yeah, it’s a little bit softer than when you get a red and white mint at a restaurant when you’re leaving it, those little candies in the wrapper. It’s kind of like that, it’s the same type of flavor, the consistency’s a little bit chewier, but it’s not like a chewy thing.

    – Australian dentists’ best friends.

    – No kidding.

    – Okay, Milo.

    – I’m assuming this is just something you put in milk.

    – Yeah, so you know how you make chocolate milk here like Quik, this is the equivalent, but the one thing that’s really fun about Milo is you can just eat it straight and it’s really good.

    – I don’t trust your judgment anymore.

    – No, seriously it’s good. My daughter’s here and I buy Milo and they eat it as quick as I get them. Are these throat lozenges? Oh, they are. Okay, so this is a throat lozenge, but it’s a eucalyptus flavor and they’re delicious. They’re really good if you’ve got a cold. I love those.

    – Holy crap!

    – They won’t burn you, though, they’re really good. You should’ve given to Deanne last week.

    – Not a fan. It’s pretty much the rest that’s in there. Oh look, another little key chain.

    – Oh, this is a really popular souvenir that you can buy in Australia. Everybody buys them. You get them in a big pack of eight or 10 or 12 and it goes like this.

    – It looks like a little rat.

    – There you go.

    – Well, I should’ve had that on the whole time.

    – Who knew?

    – That’s actually not that bad, the little lozenge thing, eucalyptus flavored. Some of these I haven’t shown you guys. This Milo, is that what you called it?

    – Milo.

    – Milo.

    – You can buy it at Albertson’s, it’s very delicious.

    – I’m gonna assume that’s probably not. Alright, you guys, hopefully you guys enjoyed this Australian adventure that we went on today. Notice that we went through a lot of this stuff and I’m sure that this was probably you’d find at a grocery store anywhere in Australia, both in the Outback or in the city and now, you don’t have to go there. You can probably order most of the stuff online and have it sent to you, so you can kibosh those cravings.

    – Which was your favorite?

    – That’s a good question. The licorice was definitely my favorite and I put something here… Oh, this thing here.

    – The Tim Tam.

    – No, this guy.

    – Oh, yes, the Crunchie.

    – What’s it called?

    – Crunchie.

    – Crunchie, so that’s really good. I’ve had something like this similar before.

    – There’s another one, a Violet Crumble, very popular.

    – Oh, really? Okay, so maybe next year, we’ll do the Violet Crumble. But anyway, hopefully, you guys enjoyed all the stuff that’s here. Thank you for coming here.

    – Oh, it’s fun to taste all that stuff. My recommendation is the Cherry Ripe.

    – Nuh-uh, that is not good. Even the word gelatinous sounds disgusting, especially in candy, I would not eat this again.

    – The Turkish Delight.

    – The smell, it smells okay. Is that what you’re talking about? Is that what it was?

    – No, that was the Turkish. No, this is the coconut cherry.

    – Oh, this guy. This thing, also equally disgusting.

    – It’s delicious.

    – No thank you. Alright guys, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate. This is Diane Wheeler all the way from Down Under visiting us here today and helping us explore all these chocolate options and hopefully you guys will also get excited about trying something new and ordering some of the stuff from Australia. Instead of having to go all the way to Sydney, you can order it and try it yourself. So, once again this Nazar with Provident Real Estate wishing you an amazing Tuesday, take care.

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