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    Try Something New Tuesday – Blackout

    Try Something New Tuesday – Blackout

    Eating in complete darkness doesn’t seem very wild, but wow, it was quite the experience. This week Nazar tries the infamous, Blackout restaurant, where you eat a 7-course meal in pitch black. Talk about sensory deprivation!

    Today is Try Something New Tuesday, and today I’m at the Blackout. Alright, you guys, so Nazar with Provident Real Estate, and today is Try Something New Tuesday. And today I am at the Blackout. I don’t know if you guys can see behind me or not, but I’m about to go inside this restaurant and eat in complete darkness. Now, I don’t know if it’s with my hands or not. I’ll tell you about it after I have this experience, but I can’t wait to try this. I know that you guys aren’t gonna be super happy about it, but it’s called Blackout. Have you guys ever been to dining in the dark? So, let’s go inside, see how it looks, and I’ll tell you more about it when I get done. Alright, you guys, so I’ve had a couple of courses here. The good news is they keep on bringing them out fairly quickly. I’m assuming they can see, obviously I can’t, that I’m done. And so they brought out what I’m assuming is number, our fifth course, but it’s so surreal. I’ve been here for what? Going on, I don’t know, 35, 40 minutes. I can’t tell, ’cause I can’t see my watch. They made me take off my watch. I couldn’t bring my camera in here. I just have this recorder and that’s it. You guys have to check this out. You have to experience this for yourself, because as I’m describing this to you, it’s still not the same. You have to come and check this place out. Alright, you guys, I just finished eating at the Blackout restaurant here, and I gotta say it was definitely an interesting experience. It was a lot of fun. We went to eat seven courses completely in the dark, and I think five of those seven courses I ate them with my fingers. They wouldn’t tell you what you were eating. Afterwards you got to see it. They gave you the menu afterwards. And it was definitely a really fun experience. You have to come out. I think, I don’t know if they have Blackouts. I don’t know where they have them, but I’m sure they have a restaurant similar to that wherever you live, so go check it out. It’s pretty awesome. It was a really fun Try Something New Tuesday for me, and hopefully you guys will have the same experience. There’s parties in there. They had like ten people in there, so I’m sure the more, the merrier. It was definitely a lot of fun. Go take your significant other or your family and have a Blackout experience. Alright, you guys, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate wishing you an amazing Tuesday. Take care.

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