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    Try Something New Tuesday – Make a Video Series

    Try Something New Tuesday – Make a Video Series

    It has been a wild ride! In 2018 we started Try Something New Tuesday as a way to showcase things that everyone should try in their lifetime, especially those things that are in the Southern California region. In the past year, Nazar has tried some interesting food and done some truly amazing and exciting things. Which of the Try Something New Tuesdays have you tried yourself? What are something things we should try in 2019? Let us know!

    – Have you been in the situation before where you’ve wanted to try something new but you didn’t because you’re too scared?

    -Today is Try Something New Tuesday. Today is Try Something New Tuesday. Today, is Try Something New Tuesday.

    -We’re driving a Rolls Royce. We are riding the mechanical bull. I’m gonna do the cryo machine. I am here at, I forget where I’m at again. Where am I?

    – [Woman] Du Bois Aviation.

    – Du Bois?

    – [Woman] Du Bois.

    – Is it? That’s how it’s pronounced? Du Bois?

    – [Woman] It’s French. Du Bois.

    – Du Bois. Alright.

    -Super excited to be here at this VR place, I have no idea where I’m at. But it’s a VR location. Every week I try something new, you know, you know what I mean? Like that. There’s no offense to all my buddies that eat the stuff on the regular basis. You can see the studs! Super nice, sleek, cleft and tight. So again for it to not be like, Doug, tastes like chicken have a good day. Not good. Ugh. Hey you guys, this is Nazar with Provident Real Estate. And today, someone keeps on talking. Like, I’m like really full.

    – [Man] You’ll be alright.

    – And you told me to do that so.

    – [Woman] I didn’t say to overeat.

    – I am at the circus. Not the type of circus you’re thinking of but an aerial circus. Hey, don’t they have like more of like a game plan before I just?

    – [Man] Love a game plan. We’ll do one in raw first.

    – Uh this is definitely not going to make me vomit. And so hopefully I don’t disappoint you. Heh. Ugh, I hate that feeling. Don’t laugh. This is disgusting.

    – So good! So good! That was excellent!

    – Gosh can I say it? It smells like poop. This is also super gross.

    – [Man] He cheated didn’t he?

    – [Higher Pitch Man] He totally cheated!

    – [Man] I knew it! We all saw it.

    – And then I have eaten probably 45% of this meal.

    – This is Nazar from Provident Real Estate trying on fake chat red lips. Nice to meet you today is is Nazar from Providence Real Estate wishing you a great day. Wishing you a wonderful, happy, Try Something New Tuesday. Wishing you a wonderful Try This On Tuesday Tuesday.

    – [Man] I got exactly what I need. Tomorrow, when I do my business.

    – [Woman] Should we give another shot at this?

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